Autocomplete for Search, New Layout, and Schedule Anyway Come To Boxee TV Web App

It’s been cold in NYC the past few weeks, and we’ve been inside coding away.  While the C++ guys have been buttoning up the next firmware, our web team has made some great strides in helping users find and record shows more easily.  Current users can check out the updates now at… 

Autocomplete For Search

Start typing, instantly get possible matches. We’ll soon have this for recordings too!

Search Autocomplete

New Recordings Layout 

To make it easier to find exactly what you’re looking for, we’ve moved to a grid-based layout for both TV Shows and Movies. More programs on-screen means less scrolling. Plus, it just looks way cooler.

DVR Layout

Schedule Anyway

Want to record a new show, and don’t feel like canceling another recording? Select the ‘Schedule anyway’ button, and Boxee will automatically cancel other recordings to make sure it’s recorded.


New Shows To Record! 

Don’t miss the new crop of shows that started this month like Deception, The Carrie Diaries, or The Following. You’ll find them in the channel guide, or when you search in the Recordings tab.

Enjoy the new look! 
Team Boxee